Published works:
A Pursuit of Life, The Price of Freedom
Nice & Naughty, Wanderin & Wonderin and
The Hints Book Almanac (with Donna Hale Chandler)





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A PURSUIT OF LIFE is a semibiographical depiction of the author’s life, as told in rhyme. It begins with his, post-depression era childhood, after which, he marries his high school sweetheart. It continues through their 20 year marriage, and culminates with his 20+ year residency in Jensen Beach, Florida. King takes you on a 65 year journey, relating each incident through a series of 130 short poems, many written over, around and through a tsunami of teardrops. They were very healing for the author, who believes they could prove to be beneficial to others during their own times of crisis. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion, experienced during the search for a new tomorrow.


THE PRICE OF FREEDOM – This book was a very patriotic undertaking which includes the poetic works of over 30 different authors as well as 6 of King’s poems and 2 by Donna Hale Chandler.  It also includes the words to 18 of America’s most patriotic songs.  The book was intended to be sold by the many Sons of the American Legion groups around the country as a money making project.


NICE & NAUGHTY consists primarily of poems, but includes some short humorous or informative articles all of which unite in surveying the entire gamut of human emotion. At 275 pages it contains 126 poems or short articles, including a chapter of 13 rather risqué poems one might consider to be R rated and another chapter containing 17 poems of a PG-13 nature. However, other than the X-rated chapter it is unlikely that anyone would find any of the material objectionable reading for 12 year olds and beyond.  The reader is prodded to explore more deeply into their own being as the book probes into the everyday occurrences and happenings of life through the use of poems and articles about those very situations as experienced by the author.


BOOK OF DICK contains 200 “idioms” referred to as “DICK-IDIOMS.”  They are for the most part original quotes from the author, gleaned from many years of jotting down little bits of wisdom from his daily encounters.  “DICK-IDIOMS can be humorous, solemn, enlightening or instructive and many straddle the lines between those areas, but always they are intended to be entertaining or educational in nature.


WANDERIN & WONDERIN - Released 12/1/12 this is Kings fifth solo effort. It's a fictional accounting of the life of a man on the move. He's lives by his wits, sleeping under the stars or in cheap motels as he follows the sun, singing for his supper (and a few tips) to support his gambling endeavors. He's a good man, living a hard life in a praiseworthy fashion as he handles the various situations living on the edge can bring your way.


THE KING FAMILY ALMANAC – This is a specialty book most likely only of interest to members of the King family who are descendants of Elmer and Viola King from Leslie, Michigan. Beginning with Elmer’s grandfather, who was born in the latter half of the 1800’s, the King family tree is constructed up to and including the year 2012.


MEMORIES & TIME is an accumulation of nearly 100 of the author’s more recent works and includes various items which, for one reason or another, were excluded from previous projects.  Several of them have appeared in earlier books in a herein revised form.  We believe this collection to contain some of the author’s best work to date.  As is his custom, the author has included a chapter of his most patriotic offerings by which he hopes to encourage a greater showing of respect for the many brave men and women who have served in our armed forces.


THE CROW’S NEST is the author’s very first attempt to write a novel.  It is a murder mystery intertwined with a story about love.  Bo Hasbrook returns to his home town after 5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, only to find that the man who was trying to clear his name has been murdered.  Bo’s best friend is now paralyzed after an “accident.”  Are these two happenings connected?  Was someone trying to make sure Bo never discovered the truth?


THE HINTS BOOK ALMANAC - A collaborative effort with Donna Hale Chandler, this book contains over 1700 helpful hints about unconventional ways to use over 60 different common household products which are found in or around most every American home.   The problem with any helpful hints or tips file is to find the hint you need, when you need it. After a few moments of study, you’ll find this index will allow you to put your finger on exactly the hint you need within minutes.


THE HINTS BOOK ALMANAC II - Also a joint effort by Chandler and King, this book details an additional 1000 all new helpful hints.  As a set with the above book or as a stand-alone reference, both of these books are destined to become the “Masters” of hints books and will one day without doubt, become a staple of the American home.  They are highly recommended for any and all occasions gift choices.


THE HINTS BOOK A – B Also a joint effort by Chandler and King, this book was intended to be the first in a series of about 8 volumes, each covering a different section of the alphabet.  Later it was decided to publish The Hints Book Almanac which includes the tips contained in this book and much, much more.


THE HINTS BOOK – BEERAlso a joint effort by Chandler and King, this book has most often been purchased as a gag-gift or as a giveaway as a door prize.  It contains 115 helpful hints for various uses of beer and the various containers or caps used to package and promote it.


ADVENTURES OF GIZZY - A joint effort by Chandler and King, this book is intended for young people between the ages of about three through their teen years.  The story is fictional although it is based upon real life characters.  The story details the life of Gizzy, a lovable kitty born in a junk pile and follows her as she is taught the lessons of life by her mom.  She will be taken miles away from the home she has always known, but will escape and travel, all by herself, back the place of her birth.  It’s a really touching story. 


LIFE HAPPENS (MY STORY) – By Donna Hale Chandler, this is a humorous book of short stories and poems about the many joys to be found in one’s life, if you look for them.


BEGINNING TO BEGIN (AGAIN) – Also by Chandler, this book contains a series of short stories and poems which will tug at your heart strings, yet at times, will bring a smile to your face.  It’s a depiction of the challenge of 'Beginning to Begin Again' after the loss of her husband to cancer.  As a senior citizen, she is beginning to live again, dating, learning to laugh again.  All of which can be a difficult yet, often humorous task after 40 years of marriage.


AMAZING GRACE – Although this book has been written primarily for the descendants of Grace Diamond and contains the Diamond family tree, others may be interested in learning the way of life for a poor Kentucky girl born in 1929.  Her trials and triumphs have been an inspiration to many.




Richard Lee King spent his first 45 years in Leslie, Michigan where he, his wife Christine, and their two sons graduated high school. Several years after graduating from Jackson Business University, he began to work at the local bank. Too soon he lost Christine to breast cancer, and began a 20+ year quest in search of a new tomorrow. In 1989 he retired from banking and shortly thereafter moved to Jensen Beach, on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where he began to write. Eventually he and Donna met and to date through their joint efforts they have written and published 16 books with several more nearing completion.

Donna Hale Chandler was born in West Virginia and moved to Ashland, Kentucky at a very young age. After graduating from Fairview High in Westwood, she and her husband who had been recently discharged from the US Army, moved to Saline Michigan.  There they raised a son and a daughter.  Donna worked 16 years in banking and an additional 19 for the Saline Area School system.  Upon retirement she and her husband moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida.  A short two years later she lost her husband to cancer.  Eventually she wrote about that experience, which then became part of her first book. She now has 3 solo efforts to her credit as well as co-authorship of an additional 5 more books. She continues to reside in the sunny south and expects to continue to write for the foreseeable future.