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My name is Dick King, thanks for stopping by my website; I just have a couple of quick comments.  First, if you are here solely to purchase a book, you may go to the 'FEATURED PRODUCTS' section located a little further down on the right side of this page. However, while you're here, I have included the links to several interesting sites that you might want to check out. Most of them can be found on the links page. The one I think is the most fun, is called the Virtual Turnpike and allows the user to view nearly any address in America. You simply enter the street address and will be taken to the view of the home or business located at that address. At that point, you can rotate 360 degrees to see the entire surrounding area or zoom in/out for a better view. Check it out, it's really quite amazing.

On the right side of this page and on all the other pages you'll find a "LINK" to what I consider to be the very best weather map ever put together. It's the kind of thing that is nice to have available whenever the need arises. I'd suggest that you move both links to your DESKTOP to keep them handy for future use.

Directly above the section you are now reading, you'll see a listing of the various pages contained in this site. You are now on the HOME page. Please check out some of my poems located at: RECENT POEMS and WANDERING MAN SAGA. Beware, however because some of the poems might contain strong language. On the DICK'S MUSING page, you'll find several (non-poetic) articles that I have written. Many of these poems and articles have appeared in one or more of the books I've published, all of which are available from this site.

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ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: You can purchase any of the books written by Richard Lee King through this site. His third book, titled THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, although no longer available here can still be found in most of the online bookstores. You can also purchase THE HINTS BOOK - ALMANAC a joint venture book written by King with Donna Hale Chandler. This book contains over 1700 helpful household hints on unusual ways to use over 60 common household products. It is anticipated that in addition to being a fantastic gift idea it will become a frequently used resource around your home.

Numerous samples of Kings works are located throughout the pages of this site. He continues to write, however most of the works contained herein are from one of his already published works. On the links page, among the several links you will find, is one which will take you to Authors Den, a rather unique site offering the works of several thousand authors. Kings pages on that site contain several hundred of his works, many of which also appeared in one of these three books.




A PURSUIT OF LIFE is a semibiographical depiction of the authors life, as told in rhyme. It begins with his, post-depression era childhood, after which, he marries his high school sweetheart. It continues through their 20 year marriage, and culminates with his 20 year residency in Jensen Beach, Florida. King takes you on a 65 year journey, relating each incident through a series of 130 short poems, many of which were written over, around and through a tsunami of teardrops. They were very healing for the author, who believes they could prove to be beneficial to others during their own times of crisis. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion, experienced during the search for a new tomorrow.


THE PRICE OF FREEDOM – Although this book is no longer available through this site, it is still available on many online bookstores.  It was a very patriotic undertaking including the works of over 30 different authors.  It includes 6 of King’s poems and 2 by Donna Hale Chandler, his frequent collaborator.


NICE & NAUGHTY consists primarily of poems, but includes some short humorous or informative articles all of which unite in surveying the entire gamut of human emotion. At 275 pages it contains 126 poems or short articles, including a chapter of 13 rather risqué poems one might consider to be R rated and another chapter containing 17 poems of a PG-13 nature. However, other than the X-rated chapter it is unlikely that anyone would find any of the material objectionable reading for 12 year olds and beyond.  The reader is prodded to explore more deeply into their own being as the book probes into the everyday occurrences and happenings of life through the use of poems and articles about those very situations as experienced by the author.


THE HINTS BOOK ALMANAC - The fourth of King’s books is a collaborative effort with Donna Hale Chandler. It contains over 1700 helpful hints about unconventional ways to use over 60 different common household products which are found in or around most every American home.   The problem with any helpful hints or tips file is to find the hint you need, when you need it. After a few moments of study, you’ll find this index will allow you to put your finger on exactly the hint you need within minutes.


THE KING FAMILY ALMANAC – This is a specialty book most likely only of interest to members of the King family who are descendants of Elmer and Viola King from Leslie, Michigan. Beginning with Elmer’s grandfather, who was born in the latter half of the 1800’s, the King family tree is constructed up to and including the year 2012.


WANDERIN & WONDERIN - Released 12/1/12 this is Kings fifth solo effort. It's a fictional accounting of the life of a man on the move. He's lives by his wits, sleeping under the stars or in cheap motels as he follows the sun, singing for his supper (and a few tips) to support his gambling endeavors. He's a good man, living a hard life in a praiseworthy fashion as he handles the various situations living on the edge can bring your way.



Richard Lee King spent his first 45 years in Leslie, Michigan where he, his wife Christine, and their sons graduated high school. Several years after graduating from Jackson Business University, he began to work at the local bank. Too soon he lost Christine to breast cancer, and began a 20 year quest in search of a new tomorrow. In 1989 he retired from banking and shortly thereafter moved to Jensen Beach, on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where he began to write. Many samples of his works can be found throughout this site. In addition to the poems on this page, please check out the pages titled: Recent Poems, Wandering Man and Dick's Musing if you'd care to "sample the wares" so to speak.


  • ""When Michigan native Richard Lee King lost his wife of 20 years to breast cancer in 1986, he soon retired from the banking business, eventually relocating to Jensen Beach where..."
    Gene Hull
    Correspondent at The St. Lucie Tribune
  • "I loved the book. It's captivating and reads like a novel even though it's in rhyme. I feel others would find help, comfort and/or encouragement from reading it, just as I did. "
    J. Craddock
    Life long friend of the lead character


This is a site that allows you to type in any address.  It will then bring up a map disclosing the locations of any registered sex offenders located within a half mile of that address.  Click on the various offender locations to display the information about that person. It is important to know when these people reside in your area and to take the proper precautions.




You will love this.  It is absolutely the best weather map I have ever seen.  Just move your cursor around the map and see what the current temperatures and weather conditions are in cities all over the country!

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